We have been happily making PURE maple syrup for 3 years now and each year it seems we learn something new, but each new thing we learn helps us create a better product for you.

We get all of our sap from Killingly CT. and are trying to use only Sugar(Acer saccharum) Maples at this point.

We boil our sap in a small homemade evaporator and each year we have made small improvements. This year we were able to boil about 40 gallons of sap a day.

When we do our final prep and filtering, we are using a homemade gravity filter system. Our vacuum bottle filling station is also homemade and saves us so much time now that we have a system to process it through.

At this point all of our labels are made onsite as well.

When time permits, we will try to create videos of each step of the process to post here.