Welcome Syrup Lovers!

Welcome to St.Onge’s PURE Maple Syrup.

This is our 4th year making maple syrup, and so far we still cannot get over how incredibly awesome the taste of homemade Maple syrup. We will try to offer you more information on us, our process, and availability.

We are setting this site up for you to be able to offer your comments on how you feel about our syrup, if you have had a chance to try it.

Happy Spring time!



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  • Grandpa Kirk says:

    Hi, I just wanted to drop a note in here and let you all know that this is by far, better than ANY Maple Syrup I have ever tasted. Of course maybe I am a tad biased being married to Joanne, but I am most serious when I say how awesome tasting it is regardless of my love for the maker.

    Thank You

    Grandpa Kirk

  • Kirk says:

    Am hoping for some of the real good syrup – 3rd time IS a charm.

  • Michelle Lavoie says:

    We love St. Onge’s maple syrup. I only wished we lived closer so we could buy it more often! Good product. Great family business. I love supporting small businesses. Keep up the good work!

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