Welcome Syrup Lovers!

Welcome to St.Onge’s PURE Maple Syrup.

This is our 4th year making maple syrup, and so far we still cannot get over how incredibly awesome the taste of homemade Maple syrup. We will try to offer you more information on us, our process, and availability.

We are setting this site up for you to be able to offer your comments on how you feel about our syrup, if you have had a chance to try it.

Happy Spring time!



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We tap Sugar Maple tree’s.  We drill approx. 1 1/2 inch into the tree.  Then we put the tap(spile) into the tree and wait to see if anything is gathering up at the bend of the tube.  When we see it dripping into the tube,  we put it straight into the bucket.  When it is running good, we usually hear the constant dripping sound from inside the bucket.  Music to our ears


We’re hoping to be able to get more tree’s tapped next year.  This year we only had about 40 taps out.  Our total collected sap this year, was around 300 gallons.

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Limited Supplies Available

Supplies are limited, so reach out and connect with us while supplies last.

Contact us at;


or stop by to see us when you see our sign out at:

54 Broad Street

Danielson, CT

We are usually out after noon on decent weather days.

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Maple Syrup Sign

The sign is made out of 6 two by fours, ripped in half and stained and urethaned.

It is hand painted  with beautiful colors  and the address is made out of vinyl letters.


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